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More Diablo 3 UEE information
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    More Diablo 3 UEE information

    Blizzard finally got their Q&A segment out. Full video here : http://www.gamespot.com/videos/diabl.../2300-6420595/

    Or some nice tidbits to take away...

    Xbox One will have a day one patch to put it at 1080p, inline with the PS4. Remember that both will be running at 60 FPS still

    Monster density has not been reduced from the PC levels. Which means there will be quite a few more enemies on screen versus the current console version.

    360 owners will have to wait for the digital download version until Sept 16th... They can however still pick up a hard copy at normal release on Aug 19th.

    Supposedly "new rules" have been added to lessen the effects of modding and to keep them within certain limits. Also, modded items will not transfer over (see 34:45 in the video).

    No seasons

    Legendary gem will be added at a later date, TBD.

    Supposedly able to kick / remove a player from the game trough your consoles "features". not quite sure how this will work yet though...

    Edit: Update towards removing hacking / cheating. Most items with more than 10 item attributes were deleted upon loading the game with the newest TU. Item stacks that go beyond their standard stack sizes (tomes are 1000) seem to stay in game with no ill effect (tested up to 23000 in increments of 25 and saw no need to go further).
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    Re: More Diablo 3 UEE information

    thanks for the info, very helpful specially about the itens

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    Re: More Diablo 3 UEE information

    Is the patch coming out for 360? I want greater rifts!

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    Re: More Diablo 3 UEE information

    i hope so. i saw that crafting materials are still legendary on the console version, but its not anymore on pc.. and it was really a pain in the ass to farm them

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    Re: More Diablo 3 UEE information

    I saw a video and someone had gotten a leg potion drop already



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