Media streaming solutions and new Friends section coming by the end of the year
Here's a piece of news that also snuck out of Gamescom: your Xbox One will be able to stream movie and music files via DLNA, and USB support will also be implemented to play your media directly through the console.

"Soon, Xbox One owners will be able to watch videos, listen to music, and browse photos from USB and DLNA with the most popular file formats, including Mpeg 2 TS, .MKV and animated gifs by the end of the year," says a Microsoft press release.

Great news for everyone who've been waiting to liberate their movies and music via their home network. The Xbox 360 had the ability to play mp3 files from USB, so it's categorically good news the One will soon be able to do it. For the OXM team it means our embarrassingly large gif collection can finally be paraded around on a 50-inch TV in between gaming sessions. As you can see from the picture below, people are already looking at their phones to see what images would look best splashed across the screen.
Name:  55555555555555555555555555555555555555.jpg
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Size:  19.2 KBThere's more. A new Friends section provides more details, showing what your mates on Xbox are doing and playing. On top of that, there's also
a sure-to-spark-rivalries Gamerscore leaderboard that compares your score throughout each month with your so-called friends.

It's not just the firmware that's changing, as there's also a new 1TB Xbox One model and few other fancy designs available in the coming months.