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Modding Diablo 3 gems
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    Modding Diablo 3 gems

    **You will need Jappi88's Diablo 3 save editor tool, click on the blue text or you can find it in the Xbox 360 mod programs section of the website, this was done from my Ps3 but works on 360 as well*

    *Note* Gems with Affixes do not stick in Reaper of Souls, as of now modded gems are exclusive to vanilla D3

    Remember to back up your save while testing!

    Alright! It has taken quite some time over the last two days to learn how to properly use this tool. I finally have my Demon Hunter modded up!

    DPS: 8.5 million edit: I forgot a some 0s, I have 885 million dps.
    HP: 800k
    Dodge: 160%
    Resist all: 1700
    Attacks per second: 12.10 Edit: 13.17
    Crit: hard cap 75%
    Crit Damage: 13k
    Grenade damage increase:80%
    Fire Skill damage increase: 90%
    Elite Damage Increase: 100%
    Damage to Life: 55%

    With the most recent patch, all items have a max of 6 affixes now. You will not be able to obtain stats like mine without putting 3 gem slots in every item, and slapping 6 affixes on all your gems.

    I reckon it's taken me around roughly 5-6 hours all in all. All of corrupted saves, alot of deleted items, alot of backing things up until I got the hang of everything.

    So, I want to share with the community all I have learned about modding gems to save others from pulling your hair out.

    The Basics:

    When modding gems, it's important to know that it is almost identical to modding weapons and armor. You simply:

    1. Add gem to your inventory
    2. Click Add Effect
    3. Select desired affixes
    4. Click Ok
    5. Save, rehash, resign
    6. Load save and check to make sure gems is there, with the affixes you have picked.

    A couple of things to note:

    Gems will not show the added affixes from the inventory screen, you must slot them into your equipment and the affixes will show up on the equipment itself.

    1.For some reason, if you make a stack of custom gems **edit** greater than 5, the added gem affixes will not work, You can slot them into your equipment, but the affixes will not take effect.

    2. Keep in mind that whenever you use up a tier of gem, you will be unable to add another gem from that tier into your inventory via the editor. I do not know why, but from my testing, after I created a tier 14 gem with affixes, slotted it, went back to the editor and tried to add another tier 14 gem to mod, it would not add it into my inventory. Same with a tier 13, 12, 11 etc.. So your best course of action is to create 5 from each tier of gem with the affixes you want. You can still pick up gems from loot drops and mod those.

    3. Depending on what you select for your affixes, the gem name will change, it will add a prefix and suffix depending on the stats added much like it does to random rares and blues.

    Sometimes, the combination of affixes will not be recognized by the game. So, the name will be a bunch of gibberish, like: "!!Missing!! -string cold damage- blah blah blah" Do not fret, you can still use gems like these. Just a heads up the name will be cooky.

    4. Sometimes adding affixes to certain items(like gems) your save file will corrupt itself. So don't go crazy picking every affix you see. First, you should test each and every affix that you will be using by adding them one at a time, and loading the save file, making sure the save hasn't been corrupted, and making sure the gem hasn't been deleted. Once you have tested an affix successfully, you will then know that is a "good" affix and can be used freely.

    So there you have, things I have learned from doing it myself. It's not much, what I have learned; but I hope this helps some people- I know when I was looking I couldn't find squat about modding gems.

    Thank-you reapermech for informing me of the newly found modded gem stack size limit.
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    Re: Modding Diablo 3 gems

    Nice share mate this should help a lot of people out

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    Re: Modding Diablo 3 gems

    I modded a character that had nearly 4 attacks per second. Don't you think having 12 is a little over the top? I remodded mine cause I just didn't like the animation with 4.

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    Re: Modding Diablo 3 gems

    Of course it is, lol thats why I do it. To break the confines of what is normal. I've played alot of PC and have poured more than enough time into it playing normally.

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    Re: Modding Diablo 3 gems

    If I add 3 of the same tier gem with editor, when I go in game, will the game stack those 3 gems automatically? If yes, will the affixes that I applied to those gem still be there?

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    Re: Modding Diablo 3 gems

    anyway you could upload your save? trying to do this while wanting to play ROS is really making me want to throw my pc out the window for every corrupted save. lol

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    Re: Modding Diablo 3 gems

    Quote Originally Posted by cskingery View Post
    anyway you could upload your save? trying to do this while wanting to play ROS is really making me want to throw my pc out the window for every corrupted save. lol
    Ive been able to mod the crap out of Reaper of souls on xbox360 over the last couple of days on another site where Im active but updated them today to do a full set of max modded characters check it out if you want I thought I'd share here also and if you want Reaper of Souls save here you go>

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    Re: Modding Diablo 3 gems

    Spent almost 3 hours modding gems. Everything went perfectly fine. My Barb has 600M dps, 700k Life, 2400 AR, 140% DC, 80% CC, 11k CD, 11 APS, 9k LPH only to know that the affixes that applied to gems doesn't get transferred to RoS. What a waste of time. SMH

    Note: This is from D3 PS3 > D3 RoS PS4
    Note2: 3 Sockets and other affixes if applied directly to gear does stick
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