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How to open hero characters from Diablo 3 RoS in jappi's Diablo 3 SE 2.0.10 tool
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    How to open hero characters from Diablo 3 RoS in jappi's Diablo 3 SE 2.0.10 tool

    Hi I SAW THIS POST IN OTHER SITE. this guy claimed he done it but i tried with no luck maybe someone with more exp can shed more light on this .

    """" This save is exactly the same as the previous Diablo 3 only reason you get that error when trying to open the save from reaper of souls is because of the title id difference at the end has a 3 not 1, and this is written into the code of the editor if jappi changes this then it will open the new saves straight away.

    So how I did it, well really easy really, get a working Diablo 3 save and a Diablo 3 RoS save extract all contents of the Reaper of souls save into a folder you will have a hero folder with 1 file in it per character take that file of your crusader character and on horizon insert new file and select your crusader (or any other character you have from Reaper of souls) character and insert into Diablo 3 save, save rehash and resign

    Then open this diablo save into jappi editor and on the characters section you will see your characters name (take a look what the crusader or and character from reaper of souls name is so you know how they are in the editor, I did it with the Crusader character and it will show with all the correct details then mod what you can try different things then simply extract that hero from the save and replace back into your Diablo 3 RoS save the character does load only issue Ive had was it crashing while loading into game

    But Im sure some clever bugger can resolve this, no doubt jappi will update as I'm sure it will be a very easy and simple update
    So as I said in a quick easy version extract the hero from RoS save insert into Diablo 3 save load into editor, edit mod what ever, save rehash resign then replace that hero back into the contents of the RoS save""""

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    Re: How to open hero characters from Diablo 3 RoS in jappi's Diablo 3 SE 2.0.10 tool

    Something fun to mess with. I'm sure, as you said, that someone will find a way to begin editing saves again in RoS.



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