im new to modding diablo 3 tho I have done borderlands 2 it seems the process is different when using horizon. so far im not figuring it out. it says something about the decrypt not being complete but idk how to finish it. I have watched enough videos to understand how to build the items but my first 2 attempts at going back to the xbox with them has resulted in corrupt and lost character. I believe this is due to the decrypting that's not getting done but im smart enough to know to do more research before I go modding an actual save file. if there are limits to what can be done then I still will have to learn that but for now how do I get my saves successfully from flashdrive in to horizon and into the editor then back out and back to the flashdrive. also do I have to move the file back to the harddrive before trying to load or can I play it from the thumb stick the way borderlands 2 would do? any direction toward the correct topic would be ill start scanning the forum myself till I see an answer. thanks in advance for any replies that are helpful :)