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What is the weirdest thing that happend to you while playing xbox
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    What is the weirdest thing that happend to you while playing xbox

    Hey guys

    As the title says:
    What is the weirdest thing that happend to you while playing xbox. It be would cool to hear your weird and wacky story :).

    Here is mine.

    I went for a holiday to the Kruger National park (obviously took my xbox with). In the evening of arrival I connected the xbox and jammed a lot of games as well as drinks :). Next thing I know i woke up in a completely different room (with my control in hand thank goodness) and wondering what the hell is going on. I went to reception and they told me that a lioness had giving birth to cubs on the porch of my room and I was passed out from all the booze :). So the staff moved me into another room, which explained a lot. At least my xbox was still in one piece.

    So this is my crazy story. How about you ?
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    Re: What is the weirdest thing that happend to you while playing xbox

    The craziest I can remember.
    My needed to be charged So I hooked it up.
    Continued playing.I wanted to get a drink.So I got up and watched the xbox fall to the ground XD



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