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Having trouble finding the right TU for D3UEE
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    Having trouble finding the right TU for D3UEE

    Hi, I'm still relatively new at this forum posting business, so I would like to first apologize for any
    doodads that I may have crossed without knowing.

    Now, to my main topic: I went to the X*UC.net to look for the Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil Edition update and
    found myself looking for the appropriate TU1 update. I ended up with the MID: 38E299CD one, and proceeded
    to put that file onto my Cached folder along with all the other TUs that I have. My question is this: I'm
    pretty sure that I got the right TU1 (checked the ISO with ABGX360), the game boots properly via FSD, and
    after I turn off my 360, and re-check my cache folder, my TU1 file for D3UEE dissappears. Does this mean
    that the update installed correctly? Or does it mean that the file wasn't necessary and was deleted? I am
    not sure where in the UEE game I could check the version or anything, but the game plays fine nonetheless.
    I am just very curious about if the update installed correctly, and was wondering if anyone could enlighten
    me. I have tried a Google search, but nothing relevant to my question came up. Oh and I tried putting the TU
    file into the cache again (always via party buffalo) after it dissappears, but, it just still ends up
    missing. Thank you for your time and hope everyone have a nice day!

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    Re: Having trouble finding the right TU for D3UEE

    If i recall, the cache folder is deprecated for title updates, some will still use it, others want to use their 'b' folder in their respective IDs folder.
    In the future just use 360 content manager to ftp the file from your pc into the correct place, it never fails. To confirm the game has loaded the TU you can simply check the guide menu which should display the information at the bottom right, if you can't see it because of resolution or whatever (like I can't) simply take a screenshot and review that instead.

    In short, just use content manager.
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    Re: Having trouble finding the right TU for D3UEE

    Why don't you just download the TU with FSD and let it put it on your HDD1? It will put it in the right place and you can turn them on and off from FSD if you want to (not with this game though, once you move to a newer TU you can't go back).



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