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[Review] Destiny - So far, so good. (Maybe?)
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    yush [Review] Destiny - So far, so good. (Maybe?)

    Finally I get to sit down and talk about the newest cash-crop for Microsoft, Destiny! I'm sorry, did I say cash crop? I meant work in progress. (take that Bungie, you sods!) As I'm sure you all know, back in May of this year, Activision's CEO, Bobby Kotick, said that the publisher would be investing $500 million in Bungie's upcoming shooter. Since then, all kinds of numbers have been thrown out about exactly how much is being spend on this game. According to Bungie, it's nowhere near the $500 million mark. Although they did conveniently tell you to ask Activision about it! Destiny is a first person shooter, that was released September 9th for Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One, and PS4. Now you have to consider who's idea that was.

    "Let's make a game that everyone can play, even if their poor and can't afford the new consoles!"
    "But wait, doesn't that mean microsoft is going to jerk our cock-wallets even more than they already are?"
    "Oh damn, I didn't think of that...Yes I'm ready for my daily wank Mr. Gates."

    Now I'm not saying it's a bad game, in fact I've been playing it non-stop since release (Yes I went to the midnight release, get off my bollocks.) and I've been enjoying it too, which is really something since CoD Ghosts left me with such a red mark on my asscheeks from being so butthurt, that I couldn't sit down for a month. All-in-all, it's your standard point and shoot game with a new an interesting story to go through and areas to explore that will make you want to drop-kick a puppy out a 3rd story window only to realize you just did a horrible thing and since you can't take it back, you decide to go all out and drop that old box TV with it to make sure you don't hear whining from a now crippled infant.

    But that's about where all similarities end to the standard shooter. See, the open world aspect of this game is already in place, and you can go anywhere you want in an area, even if you get your balls rocked because enemies one shot you. See, there's a level system in this game, similar to Borderlands, in where you become more powerful as you level up, probably from you learning how to actually use a gun since you get no training whatsoever in the beginning. So now you think, "okay, grind levels, get the best gear, game over. How's this going to last more than 2 years at best?" Well I'll be getting to that, you little shit-stain on my boot. This is an MMO! "Like WoW?", you ask. Yes like WoW, but it's got guns so you don't need to deal with a dick using magic to bend you over with his magic staff while you get face-fucked by a guy with a Final Fantasy sword. Bungie is going to be releasing DLC packs, similar to the expansion packs of Diablo and World of Warcraft, in which a bunch of different stuff will be added in, what is essentially, one big update. New areas to explore, new items, etc. There are also Raids in Destiny! These raids start today, September 16th.

    Anyway, the story goes that you were dead, you get resurrected by a machine made of parts and Light, and you go on a crusade to cleanse the land of Darkness. Let me stop right there. First off, we're dead. And apparently we have been for a very long time, if what the little floating machine is to be trusted. And yet, we are immediately thrust into a war between Light and Dark, and expected to just take it all in? Excuse me, can I go back to being dead? Things were a lot easier being dead. No you can't, because if you do all of Humanity will be wiped out and Darkness will take over. Because all of the other guardians alive can't do anything about it. You're the only one who can. Even though you're technically a zombie. But that's not all, you can be 3 different classes at the moment, so you're either a human zombie, and Awoken zombie (which im guessing is just humans that decided they were too cool to hang with everyone else and flew off into space to start their own species) or a robot zombie. Not sure how robot zombies work. Maybe you're made of scrap that was just found lying around. "Hey, are you making coffee?" "Why yes, I am. Fresh brewed right from my left nut. Want some?"

    Overall I think Bungie tried something different and because it's basically a child playing with a new toy, they just need a bit to figure out that chewing on it constantly doesn't make all the noises it makes go away.
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    Re: [Review] Destiny - So far, so good. (Maybe?)

    Personally i havent played this as i dont have xbl . But do you not think bungie has done them selves out of millions of dollars by making it that you must have xbl . I like youre review mate but have to ask would this game make you want live if you didnt have it

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    Re: [Review] Destiny - So far, so good. (Maybe?)

    This is not about it being online only. This is a review of what the game is, not what it could be. These are the facts of the game, with a little added humor admittedly, and not a "how to improve this game" type of review. This was not a "my thoughts." This style is similar to Yahtzee's reviews on The Escapist's YouTube channel. YouTube.com/user/escapist

    If you want my thoughts on how to improve the game, just ask and I'll do it, but please do not ask how to improve the game in a review. The point of a review is to give people the gist of what a something is, so they can make an informed decision on if they should or should not buy something.



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