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Should I trade in my Xbox one for a ps4
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    Should I trade in my Xbox one for a ps4

    Should I if so where?
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    Re: Should I trade in my Xbox one for a ps4

    Yes you should :) Also you can trade it in at Gamestop.
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    Re: Should I trade in my Xbox one for a ps4

    Don't no much about ps4s but everyone I have spoke to have gone to the xbox one,so it's up to you but I would stick to the one
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    Re: Should I trade in my Xbox one for a ps4

    I'd say you should just get both like I did.
    It will be better in the long run, and then you'll be able to play all current-gen exclusives.
    They have their merits and demerits.
    You could also keep your XB1 as your main console for now, and then purchase a PS4 when it becomes cheaper.
    Either way, you still enjoy yourself.

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    Re: Should I trade in my Xbox one for a ps4

    I say wait till one gets hacked, either Jtag Xboxne or Modded Ps4

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    Re: Should I trade in my Xbox one for a ps4

    I would keep the X1 and save up to get a PS4. I have both and they both have good points and bad points. Having both gives you more options because some games will surely be better on 1 console vs the other just like they were on the 360 and PS3.

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    Re: Should I trade in my Xbox one for a ps4

    Keep it :p PS4's huge exclusives won't hit until early 2015 (I have a ps4) But Xbox One is getting Sunset Overdrive and Halo collection this year :)

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    Re: Should I trade in my Xbox one for a ps4

    Personally I would get the PS4. I hate DRM in all forms. If I paid for something its mine. I don't want your fucking DRM messing with my fucking system. Especially that fucking virus Securom that Spore installed in my system when I first got it ages ago. I had to wipe my drive 3 times to erase every section of that fucking thing. Microsoft as stated when they removed the always online requirement. Planned to reinstate that feature within 18 months. Those 18 months are rapidly coming up, I for one don't want to be unable to play my games if I loose connection. I live in the fucking Arctic Circle. If the pass closes or a blizzard hits we loose power and connection to the outside until the province's emergency services can dig us out. We all have independent power sources here, that however does not help me with internet. That and fucking Xbone is always on and listening to you. There is a reason every military in the world banned its members from buying XBONE or if they have one not to bring it on base. If you have one in your house, regulations require you to have it in a room with no internet access until you actually play it.
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