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[YouTube] Activision Lost $1.5 Billion on Destiny? My Destiny Review
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    Activision Lost $1.5 Billion on Destiny? My Destiny Review

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    Re: Activision Lost $1.5 Billion on Destiny? My Destiny Review

    Can defently tell this guy has never played a MMO

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    Re: Activision Lost $1.5 Billion on Destiny? My Destiny Review

    It doesn't matter if it's an MMO or not. This game had practically nothing at the release. If you played the beta of destiny, you practically played the entire game already. If I can reach level 20 within 3 days of playing and the soft cap of 30 within 2 weeks, and I'm still getting killed just as easily by a level 4 mob, there's something wrong. Same thing with PVP. Your level doesn't mean anything. If this is an MMO, I should never be killed by a level 10 if I'm level 27, or even by a level 20. If the soft cap is 30, and it can only be reached if you have legendary and exotic armor, I should be top tier in the game. Level just increases the level of mobs you can kill, but that doesn't matter because killing mobs doesn't level you up at all. It's all about the patrol missions, and bounties after the story.
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