Two weeks after the game's release, American Mark Edward Neace Jr. has reach the current maximum level cap.

Two weeks since launch, the first Destiny player has reached level 30. American Mark Edward Neace Jr., who goes by N3AC3Y on Xbox Live, achieved the feat on Monday with his male Exo Hunter character. His stats, per his player profile on, are in the image above.

According to the Destiny Database, N3AC3Y has played Destiny for more than 107 hours in all, though that includes time spent in the game across his three characters. Impressively, his other two characters, a male Hunter and a female Exo, are both level 20 or above.

About a quarter of his play time was spent in the Crucible (Destiny's competitive multiplayer mode). He also took down the Vault of Glass raid, needing 13 hours, 6 minutes, and 40 seconds to do so.

Although Destiny does have a soft level cap of 20, Guardians can climb to the current maximum level of 30 by hunting down rare pieces of armor filled with light points. Check out GameSpot's in-depth guide for more on how to enjoy Destiny after level 20.