i'm pretty much new to modding so i might as well ask this here since this thread was moved to this forum...

the modding i'm doing involves profile & gamerscore modding using exProfileEditor (current) & Profile Editor (previous), and game saving using Horizon and Modio. i've also downloaed other software, although i haven't used them yet since the ones i mentioned above have met my modding needs. i do, however, would like to explore and learn more of the other, shall we say, "levels" of modding, such as Jtags, Hex editing, etc. all in due time, hopefully.

these are my questions:
given the kinds of modding i mentioned above, if a gamertag/profile is shared across different platforms, namely the 360, xbox one, gfwl and/or windows phone, would it prevent me from modding the gamerscore for my 360 games (both retail & xbla) primarily? i am not familiar if there are any profile mod tools for gfwl, windows phone, or xbox one games, but if there are, same question above: will it prevent me from modding my gamerscore? the reason i ask is because i want to play my xbox one games but i have this thought that once i start unlocking achievements under my profile from xbox one games i can't go back to modding my gamerscore for 360 games.
also, is it safe to assume that i can still freely use game saves for my 360 games even if i already unlocked achievements from gfwl, windows phone and xbox one games? i use a combination of legit save sets & gamerscore modding for offline and 100% legit online gaming towards unlocking achievements.

any info and advice is very welcome.
thank you and looking forward to enjoying my stay here!