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[Don't Hold Back] Destiny Critique - Merry Patchmas!
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    Angry [Don't Hold Back] Destiny Critique - Merry Patchmas!

    There are two different accounts on Twitter, The Cryptarch and Legendary Engram, that I think everyone should at least look at if you want a good laugh at Bungie's expense. But on to the main topic: Bungie needs to just stop whatever they are planning. All these...patches? They aren't helping the game. They aren't making it a better experience. They are making it frustrating, and irritating to play.

    Mistake number 1, having a max cap on Glimmer. *sigh*...Why? Why have a cap on Glimmer? It's not like there's anything we can buy that's useful. We can't buy materials, engrams, or higher tier loot. So why put a cap? Small problem I know, so then why complain about it? Because it shouldn't exist in the first place.

    Mistake number 2, is what I just mentioned in the last sentence. You can't buy ANYTHING useful. No materials, no higher tier loot, NOTHING. OH! Sorry, you can buy whit/green engrams from the Cryptarch to level him up. Well considering I've gotten him to level 12 and haven't gotten a single legendary item from the 6 or so "gifts" I've gotten from leveling him up, I'm going to go ahead and say that's about as useful as breaking down a Queen's Wrath item to get fuck all. And apparently, the Cryptarch can give you exotic engrams at some point? Well I'll be expecting those around level 30 when it's not useful at all.

    Mistake 3, putting exotics in the game. That's right. I said it. My reason? Thusly; why put Uber-rare items in the game...IF WE CAN ONLY USE ONE AT A TIME?! Seriously? Who thought this would be a good idea? One weapon and armor at a time? I get max level, for now, is 30 but WTF? And what's with the problem of my legendary being better than my exotic? Or, I'll do you one even better, my rare being better? I think that all loot-system games have this problem of the higher tiers not quite being 100%, blanket better, but rather them POSSIBLY being better, but Destiny takes the cake. An assault rifle that shoots slower when scoped in, oh but it does slightly more damage! So I'm penalized for wanting accuracy. A burst rifle that does garbage for damage if I actually want to hit anything with it since it's accuracy is garbage. Lemme just take out yesterdays trash and bathe in today's.

    Mistake 4, I'm getting really sick of changing my secondary and suddenly having no ammo. I thought it was called "Secondary Ammo." Not "Shotgun Ammo and if you switch to a sniper you aren't going to have any ammo at all." The same thing goes with the heavy weapons. Bungie...it's called Secondary and Heavy ammo. Not shotgun or sniper or rocket or machine gun ammo. This is especially devastating in Online play because if you decide to rush into a building and you have a sniper out, if you switch to your shotgun, you gotta go hunt down secondary ammo. Problem is, the reason you wanted to rush the building is because you saw someone run into it. But since you don't have any shotgun ammo, you don't get to hunt him down. GG Bungie.

    I could honestly keep going but I'm getting rather worked up just thinking about how badly Bungie is going about their "MMO". People seem to give a pass to Bungie because of them being Bungie, but I think that this makes it worse. We came to expect near perfection from Bungie because of Halo and look what they've done. They let us all play close to half the game for free, the "Beta", and now they are trying to make this game even more grind heavy than WoW. I don't care if you disagree, but at least make it a respectable argument. Not just, "ur dumb shut up this game is perfekt." Give some reasoning behind you're statement.

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    Re: [Don't Hold Back] Destiny Critique - Merry Patchmas!

    im really wondering if the info on reddit is true... it fits so perfect with how little of a game we got the story is soo choppy with no real explanation of what the [email protected]#$ is going on...

    edit : here is the info im speaking of : most of it was deleted on reddit but someone posted it on bungie's site

    bungie claims its false info but with firing one person and then the lead writer leaving the studio... it holds some weight with me
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