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Rumor: Xbox & PS3 Talking Partnership with OnLive
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    Rumor: Xbox & PS3 Talking Partnership with OnLive

    OnLive is a Cloud based gaming service that forgoes the traditional distribution methods that console gamers have grown accustomed to over the years. The no-download, no-disc service allows gamers to get in and play the latest video games streaming from the internet. OnLive has had marginal success standing on its own two feet, but recently, rumors have surfaced that the cloud based gaming service is in talks with Microsoft and Sony for a possible partnership in the future. A representative for the company told MCV "There are OnLive guys chatting Sony and MS, but we'll see where it goes. But it would absolutely work, we're ready to work with everybody." "What people are realizing and waking up to is everything could be a console, why shouldn't you be able to take your game everywhere. I think the timing of this is perfect. When I joined the company I didn't think it was going to pan out this way."

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    Re: Rumor: Xbox & PS3 Talking Partnership with OnLive

    This could be an interesting concept, but it would really impact on people with slower internet connections.

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    Re: Rumor: Xbox & PS3 Talking Partnership with OnLive

    I really don't care for ONlive their controller feels like a shitty gamestop controller. And if your internet drop for a second you have relogin again and reboot the game.

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    Re: Rumor: Xbox & PS3 Talking Partnership with OnLive

    I don't really like the concept. If this were to somehow cause the distribution of games stored on devices (disks, carts, hard drives, etc) then they could become a monopoly in the gaming industry and they could impose ridiculous prices, a lot like how EA is doing with tier "pay-to-play" online pass concept. Not only that, but what if something happens to a user's internet connection? What if it were cut off semi-permanently or even totally permanent? Would we not be able to play games at all seeing as they're all handled through streaming? I don't want to be forced to play my games online; I kind of like being able to hook up my Super Nintendo and just play Super Metroid from time to time without having to make sure my internet is connected, so I wouldn't want that kind of limitation on my 360.

    As an optional service (like Netflix) it would be cool, but I get the feeling that they aren't thinking of stopping there.
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    Re: Rumor: Xbox & PS3 Talking Partnership with OnLive

    Agree with Emerald Lance. This OnLive concept would probably "kill" the gaming experiance for most of the gamer out there as there are no offline playing and everything just stream through the Cloud-based database where gamer "force" to stay online on this service if they wanted to play games and this is not wise from the gamer standpoint though in my opinion. I personally like to play 360 games online for multiplayer fun but most of the times would play offline just to enjoy the game itself alone. Both Microsoft (Xbox 360) and Sony (PS3) are the leader in gaming industry and the competitions between these two had evolved the gaming industry. However, if this partnership for OnLive really goes solid, I admit it would evolve the gaming industry further, but at certain point, still its kinda like a bad move for the industry itself as well as for the million of gamers out there around the globe.

    Well, these are my opinion on this OnLive service. Let's wait and see how this new service turn out and work out in future though.

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    Re: Rumor: Xbox & PS3 Talking Partnership with OnLive

    i just dont see that happenning. maybe on there own

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    Re: Rumor: Xbox & PS3 Talking Partnership with OnLive

    I really doubt this onlive thing will ever work simply because of the major flaws contained in it.
    You would not only be practically forced to play online, but you'd also have to have a good internet connection that never lagged otherwise the game would be closing and you would have to login again and possibly lose save progress.

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    Re: Rumor: Xbox & PS3 Talking Partnership with OnLive

    nice this maybe cool if you have a great internet connection


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