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Diablo 3 RoS (Help)
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    Diablo 3 RoS (Help)

    Hello, I need a few things modded for Diablo 3 RoS.
    I really want to do it myself, but I've tried downloading Bruteforce Savedata to decrypt my save as it says to when I open DIII.SaveEdit.exe. When I tried opening Bruteforce Savedata, it said, "The program can't start because MSVBM50.DLL is missing from your computer." I tried downloading the DLL and storing it in system32, but that did not work.

    If someone can either mod my save or decrypt whatever is needed, that'd be great - thanks.


    I want to mod:
    - Thousands of each of the highest gem.
    - Way more gold.
    - Add 10 Blade Wings, 10 Liber Canis Mortui, 10 Warsong Pennant, 10 Wings of Valor, Hellfire Amulet Plan, 100 Legendary Gift, 100 Rare Gift, 10000 of each of the highest gems, fix the broken durability on my hamburger, and add the stuff you get from the collectors edition and whatnot.

    So, if anyone can either help me with the mods or the decrypt or whatever, that'd be excellent.
    Or just walk me through how to fix the issue. :p

    Thanks guys, have a heck of a day! ;)

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    Re: Diablo 3 RoS (Help)

    So is this for Xbox 360 or PS3? Because Bruteforce is used on PS3 saves only, but you have this thread posted in the Xbox 360 Modding section :/
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    Re: Diablo 3 RoS (Help)

    For 360. I thought I had to use Bruteforce, because anything I do on the program (I added something, and it didn't show up on xbox, but it did save).



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