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Skyrim Save Editor?

View Poll Results: Would you like to have a complete Skyrim Save Editor?

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    Program Engineer

    Jappi88 is offline
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    serious business Skyrim Save Editor?

    Hey guys,

    I was wondering...
    who would like to have a complete save editor for skyrim that supports pc,xb360 and ps3.
    it will allow you to do EVERYTHING!

    im asking because i managed to figure out the save structure and see allot of potential into this one.
    This project will take allot of effort, and im willing to do so if allot of you guys are intrested.

    please post below if you are exited, it will motivate me on doing this ;p

    If you know my work, then you will also know that this will be yet another awesome tool.

    let me hear you guys what u think.

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    Programming is like sex:
    One mistake and you have to support it for the rest of your life.

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    Senior Member
    lonelyhero is offline
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    Re: Skyrim Save Editor?

    personally im surprised this hasnt been done yet i ended up modding with the pc console commands and then converting back to 360 but id love to see a good editor like the old oblivion and fallout editors i had so much fun running around with items that you couldnt normally get like liberty primes bombs and giant laser and liberty prime himself lol

    ive been a fan of your editors for a long time now since i first joined here you might take a while to get to the initial release but its beyond worth it for the quality of the programs you release your attention to detail is amazing
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    Aperture Science we do what we want because we can.

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    Haven Donator

    Skullkeeper is offline
    Join Date : Dec 2010
    Posts : 286

    Re: Skyrim Save Editor?

    Hell Yeah! Always wanted a way to have fun with Skyrim without having to go back and forth from pc to xbox. I think you would do a fantastic job at making an editor. I can wait however long it takes 'cause I know it will be awesome.

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    Junior Member
    Halfman is offline
    Join Date : May 2013
    Posts : 2

    Re: Skyrim Save Editor?

    I would praise you like a god if you did this!

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    Senior Member
    MegaCar is offline
    Join Date : Jun 2013
    Location : on mars
    Posts : 254

    Re: Skyrim Save Editor?

    This would make me really happy and to really forget gta 5 ever existed . #<3SkyRim

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    Senior Member

    13Dannyboy13 is offline
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    Location : Over there
    Posts : 547

    Re: Skyrim Save Editor?

    I think it would be great, it can get to be a pain moving saves back and forth from xbox to pc, and I don't even have it on my laptop anymore, I'd definitely be interested in an editor.
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    Saint Warrior

    scorpionnet is offline
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    Re: Skyrim Save Editor?

    This is a great NEWS , I have been looking for this since long time ago, it would be WONDERFUL to finally get it and coming from you much better. I hope to see that becomes a reality for the near future.

    Your EXCEPTIONAL WORK in all of your editor are tremendously appreciated in the community along with other amazing developers out there like @IdleHands88
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    Bear Hugs

    revsix6 is offline
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    Posts : 1,935

    Re: Skyrim Save Editor?

    I always like to see the potential of other developers. Pushing it to the limit are astonishing :3. Bear Hugs to all! I wouldn't mind seeing it how incredible it can be and your work with editors are plenty of for me to see, that you would succeed. (Hugs)
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