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[Modded Save] D1G1TAL's CoD: AW Solo Campaign Custom Modded Veteran Gamesaves v1.0
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    D1G1TAL's CoD: AW Solo Campaign Custom Modded Veteran Gamesaves v1.0

    Sup guys I finally completed my CoD: AW custom modded gamesaves. These gamesaves are for Solo Campaign ONLY. The mods will NOT carry over Multiplayer nor Exo Survival. These are 100% completed gamesaves on Veteran Difficulty. I hope you enjoy them :) Happy Modding!

    For every Exo Upgrade you max out you will earn 1 Rapid Supply Drop for Multiplayer. Sometimes it will give you one for adding 1 Upgrade Point.

    2). Completing Solo Campaign in Recruit or Hardened Difficulty will unlock a custom Helmet, Shirt, Loadout, Gloves, Pants, Shin Guards, Boots and Exo Skeleton. Completing in Veteran Difficulty will unlock everything I just mentioned plus a Veteran Helmet.

    3). Sometimes the Rapid Supply Drops will not show up when maxing out an upgrade nor in multiplayer. Hopefully they will fix this issue.

    My gamesaves include the following mods:

    * Demi-God Mode
    * Increased Jump Height
    * Increased Aim Assist
    * Modded Perks (Exo Upgrade System)
    * Super Sprint
    * Unlimited Sprint
    * FOV Mod (field of view)
    * No Weapon Bob (when walking and strafing)
    * High Gloss Vision
    * Far Melee (Far Knife Attacks)
    * Custom Objective Color and Font Size
    * Custom Loading Screen Text
    * Ragdoll Jitter (AI bodies jitter when killed)
    * Low Glass Break Gravity (broken glass floats upwards)
    * Low Ragdoll Gravity (AI bodies float upwards when killed)
    * Pulsing effect on dropped weapon icons, intel laptop names, etc.
    * Text display on the top-left corner of the screen when you pick up ammo from dropped weapons and grenades

    Virus Scan:
    https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/a5c98408db47ba7b622c5b62952abf85a43b837c423e056640  bfe1093f5f6876/analysis/1415741104/

    Password for the downloaded file:
    DIGITALMODZ //This is the password to unzip the file once downloaded.


    XboxMB - For their Horizon Mod Tool.

    Nou - For the video and updated text display image.

    Cakes, Lygofast2121 and TehPoisonOne - For always helping me when possible.

    Red-EyeX32 - For appreciating my work and also for doing an amazing job with his PS3 version of the gamesaves.

    HOBO POW3R and Hiphop03199 - For using their EZGT Gamertag Editor Tool for the button codes.

    How to use these gamesaves:
    Simply load the gamesave of your choice into the Horizon Mod Tool, replace my Nulled ID's with your ID's (Profile ID, Device ID and Console ID,) click the Rehash and Resign button, put the gamesave back into your harddrive and overwrite the one you have. You want to know your ID's? Load your own gamesave into Horizon. Copy/Paste your 3 ID's into Notepad and save it for reference. Those are the ID's that you need in order to use my gamesaves. There are several videos on Youtube on how to add your ID's to gamesaves. My apologies for the short tutorial.

    Using these modded gamesaves will help you unlock the following achievements:
    Seoul Mates
    Complete "Induction." (25G)

    Welcome to Atlas
    Complete "Atlas." (25G)

    Life in the Fast Lane
    Complete "Traffic." (25G)

    Complete "Fission." (25G)

    Motor City
    Complete "Aftermath." (25G)

    Born to Die
    Complete "Manhunt." (20G)

    Complete "Utopia." (30G)

    Crates on a Plane
    Complete "Sentinel." (30G)

    The Destroyer Returns
    Complete "Crash." (30G)

    Irons in the Fire
    Complete "Bio Lab." (30G)

    Complete "Collapse." (30G)

    Wrath of Atlas
    Complete "Armada." (30G)

    Manticore Unleashed
    Complete "Throttle." (30G)

    The Wheat from the Chaff
    Complete "Captured." (30G)

    A New Era
    Complete the campaign on any difficulty. (30G)

    Hard Hitter
    Complete the campaign on Hardened difficulty. (50G)

    SP Prestige
    Complete the campaign on Veteran difficulty. (75G)

    Important Information regarding these modded gamesaves:
    NOTE: The mods included in these gamesaves DO NOT carry over to Multiplayer nor Exo Survival.

    1). Super Jump along with custom values for the "No fall damage" dvars will only work in missions where the Exo Jump Boost is NOT available. If Super Jump is used in a mission where
    the Exo Jump Boost is available you will die once you land from the super jump.

    2). I increased the jump height enough to where you will not get blood screen splatter nor die from landing. The Exo Jump Boost is safe to use with the increased jump height.

    3). Some of the Player Perks are not moddable. They seem to reset to default value when you resume campaign. I could not find dvars for some of the perks so I left them as is.

    4). Maxing out the perk for increased health will NOT give you Godmode. This will add 50% more health to the Demi Godmode value I used for the saves.

    5). Aimbot does not work for solo campaign. Increased Aim Assist only seems to work. It's not much but it is something.

    6). Wallhack, fast player speed and low gravity work but I did not include them in the gamesaves because in some missions they will cause issues.

    7). God Mode, Unlimited Ammo, FPS counter, serverbandwith, lagometer, motd, didyouknow and weapon laser dvars do NOT work.

    8). Upgrade points and Exo Challenges are stored in the .gpd. Those cannot be modded through the gamesave.

    9). The modded perks will work depending on which Exo Abilities you have upgraded.

    10). For every Exo Ability that you Max out you will earn 1 Rapid Supply reward for Multiplayer.

    11). Once you complete Solo Campaign you will unlock a custom Exo Skeleton reward for Multiplayer.

    12). Using the dvar to prevent the AI from spawning or freezing the AI will cause issues.

    13). If you have 1 point or max points added to the Fast Reload Exo Upgrade you can just hold down the right trigger and it will auto-reload for you OR shoot the gun a few times and then just push and hold the X button and it will auto-shoot.

    14). The mission "Throttle" is a 2-Part mission. There is a sub-folder in that main folder "Throttle" to use for the second part of that mission.

    15). Some mods will carry over to the next mission and the rest will reset to default value. Demi-God will carry over but the health value decreases a bit. It will be better to just use the modded gamesaves for the specific mission.

    16). I did not include super sprint ans increased jump height in the mission "Traffic" because at some points of the mission it would cause issues.


    Dvars used in the gamesaves:
    ragdoll_self_collision_scale - 10 //AI body jitter when killed

    glass_fall_gravity - -99 //Low glass break gravity

    phys_gravity_ragdoll - 1 //Low AI gravity when killed. Bodies slowly float upwards.

    cg_cursorHints - 2 //Pulsing effect on dropped weapon icons, intel laptop names, etc.

    pickupPrints - 1 //Displays text on the top-left corner of the screen when weapon ammo and grenades are picked up from the ground.

    cg_gun_x - 7 //FOV mod (field of view)

    player_sprintSpeedScale - 5 //Fast sprint speed

    player_sprintUnlimited - 1 //Unlimited sprint

    jump_height - 200//This is the max height for the safe zone. Any value above this will result in screen blood splatter and/or death once you land from the super jump.

    Increased Player Health (Demi-God - NOT Godmode)

    g_player_maxHealth - 2000 //This is the max setting for Demi-God. Any value above this will reset to default.
    g_radiusDamageMax - 0 //Any value above this value will reset to default.
    player_radiusDamageMultiplier - 0
    player_damageMultiplier - 0
    player_meleeDamageMultiplier - 0
    player_deathInvulnerableToMelee - 1
    player_deathInvulnerableToProjectile - 1

    Modded Perks (Exo Upgrade System)
    Note: These will work only if you have applied upgrade points towards the specific Exo Upgrade perk. The other perk dvars did not work when the values were modified.

    perk_quickDrawSpeedScale - 1000 //Super ADS (Super Aim Down Sight)
    perk_weapReloadMultiplier - 0.0001 //Fast Reload
    perk_weapSpreadMultiplier - 0.0001 //A permanent steady crosshair
    perk_recoilMultiplier - 0 //No recoil
    perk_flinchMultiplier - 0 //No player flinch when being shot
    perk_armorVestDamageMultiplier - 0 //This gives you an extra 50% health boost but the Demi God dvars work better. This perk worked without Demi God so I included it in this list.

    No Weapon Bob
    (only works when walking forward and backwards + strafing while standing or crouched)

    bg_weaponBobAmplitudeBase - 0
    bg_viewBobAmplitudeBase - 0

    High Gloss Vision (Custom vision I used for my MW3, BO2 and Ghosts saves)

    r_specularMap - 2
    r_normalMap - 0

    Increased Auto Aim (NOT Aim Bot)

    aim_autoaim_enabled - 1
    aim_target_sentient_radius - 1000
    aim_autoAimRangeScale - 1000

    Far Melee (Far Knife)

    player_meleeRange - 1000
    player_meleeHeight - 1000
    player_meleeWidth - 1000

    Objective Color and Font Size

    objectiveColor - 1 0 1 1
    objectiveFontSize - 1.2

    Custom Text During The Loading Screen

    com_errorMessage - ^2D1G1TAL ^4MoDz ^1v1
    ui_debug_localVarString - ^2CuStOm ^4MoDz ^6By ^5D1G1TAL
    ui_debug_localVarBool - ^1 Mod Version: ^31

    Reference Notes:
    These are the color codes used for the custom text dvars

    ^0 = Black
    ^1 = Red
    ^2 = Green
    ^3 = Yellow
    ^4 = Blue
    ^5 = Cyan
    ^6 = Purple/Pink
    ^7 = Default

    These are the codes used for the Objective color dvar

    Green = 0 1 0 1
    Yellow = 1 1 0 1
    Blue = 0 0 1 1
    Red = 1 0 0 1
    Purple/Pink = 1 0 1 1
    Cyan = 0 1 1 1
    White = 1 1 1 1
    Black = 0 0 0 1
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    Re: [savegame.svg] D1G1TAL's CoD: AW Solo Campaign Custom Modded Veteran Gamesaves v1

    Very nice work thanks for the share
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    Re: [savegame.svg] D1G1TAL's CoD: AW Solo Campaign Custom Modded Veteran Gamesaves v1

    This is awesome! I'm gonna remove the character visual mods and text mods, but other than that - thank you very much indeed! I wouldn't have known what each DVAR did if you had not had done this very informative and knowledgeable post!

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    Re: [savegame.svg] D1G1TAL's CoD: AW Solo Campaign Custom Modded Veteran Gamesaves v1

    Nice, excelent work men, thanks for the job.

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    Re: [savegame.svg] D1G1TAL's CoD: AW Solo Campaign Custom Modded Veteran Gamesaves v1

    Very nice work thanks

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    Re: [savegame.svg] D1G1TAL's CoD: AW Solo Campaign Custom Modded Veteran Gamesaves v1

    Thanks man. You did a great work.

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    Re: [savegame.svg] D1G1TAL's CoD: AW Solo Campaign Custom Modded Veteran Gamesaves v1

    Hey dude. If you feel like it do you think you can reupload the files? Bloody Activision suits and their stupid copyright BS.

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    Re: [savegame.svg] D1G1TAL's CoD: AW Solo Campaign Custom Modded Veteran Gamesaves v1

    Looks like a awesome save can anyone re upload this please


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