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(Req) Need Dragon Age Origins Achievement(s)
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    (Req) Need Dragon Age Origins Achievement(s)

    I thought I had them. I was so certain I had gotten all the achievements for Dragon Age Origins but i'm missing 5, that I know I did..

    Perfectionist - All Possible Endings
    Shadow - Main Character Achieved Level 20 as a rogue
    Menacing - Succeeded at 10 difficult Intimidate Attempts

    And 2 secret which I assume after checking are:

    A Dark Promise - Did the Dark Ritual with Morrigan. I assume that you need to play as a male to get this because i've had Alistair do it several times.
    Defender - Preserved the lives of half the troops at Denerim's Gates in "The Final Battle".

    Unless they are bugged I can get 4 of them relatively easy with another playthrough but the "Perfectionist" one seems like it'd be annoying to get before Tuesday (The Keep is keeping track of your achievements/dlc for some reason i'm thinking it might be important)... so is there a save or save set available that gives me Perfectionist? And.. if possible the other 4 achievements as well?

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    Re: (Req) Need Dragon Age Origins Achievement(s)

    You can check over at xpg I 100 percent know someone made one there. I have one, on phone sorry however hope u find it ;)



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