Not sure if this is the best place for this, but it's the best I can find.

From what I heard around the launch of the two consoles, the PS4 wouldn't support MP3 playback, and it was suspected this might render it impossible to do things like have custom themes for entrances in the WWE games. Given this, I decided to wait until the release of WWE 2k15 to see where the custom music situation was at, and then make my decision on which console to get. Unfortunately, WWE 2k15 appears to be without a custom music function regardless of console, so this isn't much help. I have seen it mentioned that PS4 now has MP3 support, though.

Given this, will both consoles be likely to support custom entrance themes in future WWE games, should the feature be added?

Assuming this is the case, and thus I'm free to choose between the two without impact to that aspect of my gaming, which is the best console to get? I was definitely leaning PS4 at the time the consoles were announced, based on XB1's DRM policies, but from what I understand they've walked them back significantly and also no longer require Kinect, which I was wary of.

I don't game much, usually just picking up each year's NBA and WWE releases. That and the Batman Arkham games are the only ones I've purchased the last couple of years. This is a combination of gaming not being a huge interest, and games being too expensive for me to justify purchasing them with little idea if I'll enjoy them or not. I believe PS4 had an arrangement where users of their paid online service were given a free game each month or something like that, which would allow me to expand my gaming a little and thus appeals to me. I also know that PS4 allows their paid online service to be attached to a console, rather than an account, meaning households with multiple users need only pay one online fee. With my brother also living here, this would be useful, as we could share the cost of online rather than having to each have our own subscription.

Does XB1 offer anything like the above two features?

What is the region-locking situation with each console? I believe PS4 itself is region-locked, but their games largely aren't? I don't remember hearing anything one way or the other regarding XB1. I'm in Australia, and the non-US versions of past NBA 2k games have been altered, so I'd like to be able to play the US version where possible.

How does the PS4 camera compare with Kinect?

Is there anything else I should know about either console? I'm not interested in tech specs, at least specifically (a general idea of performance differences would be nice, but the actual names and numbers of hardware components mean little to me), or a sort of objective overview that drowns me in information of varying relevance. Just an idea of what would be best for me, specifically, given what I would be likely to use the console for.