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Thread: best mods

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    best mods

    general discussion on which is your best mods on 360haven 360.png
    plus what game would you like to be modded

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    Re: best mods

    Man! There are just so many modifications to choose from.
    The Lost Odyssey editor is godlike.
    The Resonance of Fate save with ALL the items at the beginning is the best savegame mod on here for me, as it made the game delicious.
    The Witcher 2 editor was great, same goes for the one for both Dark Souls, and the one for Dishonored, Bioshock Infinite, Ninja Gaiden RE.
    Seriously all the mods are great...every one will have more than one, and really, I don't see myself having a "best" mod.
    I love them all, whether it's a savegame or an editor. I haven't used any trainers, as I never got a J-Tag/RGH.
    If only we had a DRM-free DLC section, the mods would be 100% perfect to me.
    We're almost there though.

    For my wishlist though, I'd wish for a Red Dead Redemption GOTY editor that could mod stats, money and ammo count,
    or maybe a stat editor for ALL fighting games, especially Ultra SF4,
    or a weapon/armor/talisman editor for Darksiders 2.

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    Re: best mods

    best mods in my book are the dead island, darksouls, darksiders 2 editors, there are more but i cant remember them all
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    Re: best mods

    Grand Theft Auto V Save Editor (By: XB36Hazard)i think this work is awesome one of the best for me.
    but like you say there is a lot of other work on here which takes a lot of time an effort to do thanks to you modders
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    Re: best mods

    The Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2 mods by Jappi88 were probably my favorite but love of the games played into that as well. I also really like the Dragons Dogma one. I would say that all of the ones I have used have been really top notch and the games so much more enjoyable. Thank you to all of you developers who put in your time and energy into making these great mods for us.

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    Re: best mods

    I can't decide which one is better cuz all of them are great, but i did enjoy playing GTA V for several days with ioritree's trainer -see link below.
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    Re: best mods

    Being well...a final fantasy nerd i gotta give a round to killermiles for his save editors and xb36hazard for gta v. sadly i rarely get time to get on here but i always find something awesome in the making when i am :) great stuff to all the guys on here. I wouldn't mind a full blown ffx-x2 save editor for the remaster on ps3 :) kinda annoying that i preorderd that and now theres a version coming to ps4... oh well anyway take it easy guys.

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    Re: best mods

    I'm a fan of really all the works on here.



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