I recently bought a brand new Wii U console and upon setting up the system found that no matter what i tried it would not let me link an online account, each time i try i'm met with the same problem, it tells me that it must update then soon as it tries it abruptly cancels the entire process for no reason whatsoever, i've ran a connection test over a dozen times and it tells me i'm clearly connected to the internet yet for some odd reason it simply refuses to let me link an online account, this is a huge problem for obvious reasons, namely NEVER being able to buy any kind of DLC for one.. i have tried everything i can think of as well as studying the manual for hours "in trouble shooting this issue isn't even listed" i've also googled the problem and apparently i'm the only person to ever purchase a Wii U and encounter this problem, at this point i'm desperate.. has anyone else with a Wii U had this issue and/or can anyone offer some suggestions on a possible way to fix this problem?