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FFX hd ps3 lightning dancer
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    Cry 2 FFX hd ps3 lightning dancer

    Does anyone have a FFX hd ps3 save where they've dodged 200 bolts but not yet opened the chest, i need this trophy but got to 146 bolts before i got struck and then gave up. I've tried using MSC and brute force to apply the cheat to get it but the data always comes out corrupt even though i've done the whole thing correctly. can someone help me out with a save that I can just resign, it has to be a us save in English please so i can actually use it.

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    Re: FFX hd ps3 lightning dancer

    I don't have a save for you but if you want to try the BSD route again, I wrote a checksum fixer so you don't have to try and use MSC anymore,
    I know it works as I've tested it several times on both games.
    It's used right before you encrypt the save again in BSD and the checksum is then fixed, no more MSC.
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    Re: FFX hd ps3 lightning dancer

    OMG thank you, but I actually managed to do this on my own and i saved right before i opened the chest and then blanked the file so it can be resigned the chest is then opened a few times and the trophy is gained.
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