Thank you in advance, for any and all help provided,

First off, not asking as trouble shooting. More for information purposes. Also sorry if "ISO(.xex)" is not the correct term.

I was wondering if there was a difference by having your xbox360 games as "Games on demand(GOD)" VS having them "ISO(.xex)" format when using trainers or game save editors? The way I came across the thought was my fight night round 4 and Afro samurai would slow down/lag or even freeze when I used game trainers with them. I think I had them in (.xex)format when I used them a while back. SO before I bust out the discs to reinstall them, is there a preferred format for installation and for usage with trainers/save editors?

I've always had my system up to date and I have even tried with/without title updates and still got same result. Have tried re-downloading and relocating trainers/save editors and still same result. I have read up on the trouble shooting post for those specific items and same thing.