Thank you in advance for any and all help provided,

Ive been looking for a crackdown 2 save editor that had a few more options to mod my game save. I found one looking around the web but it is incomplete. The post had this conversation in it

how do you use it says open .save file but the crackdown 2 save isn't a .save file

There is a .save file inside the container you get off your HDD/MU, but it's irrelevant as the editor does not make any changes to your save game as the creator never found out the checksum for Crackdown 2.

I do agree posters should check things before uploading, but "xxxxxxxx" clearly states to "look at the screenshot and give it a test.

And that was the last of what was said, I know horizon has one and so does modio, but they don't have the options this one has like
Editing rings, races and orbs. Ive never made a editor, but I'm willing to help. If anyone with the knowledge would like to help, I would really appreciate it.