Hey guys, do any of you know Chinese? Well the Chinese folks did some hacked Xexs to overwrite the ones in the compatibility folder in the Hddx making Spikeout playable in our 360.

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I found it here:

The original source is here:
Using google translator you can see tons of happy chineses.

The problem is the fact that when I overwrite it, every xb1 game stops working (including the Spikeout) by saying that it's not compatible atm, maybe in the future blabla.

So do you guys have any idea on how to make Spikeout compatible? I got the EU and NA version of the game, maybe they got the Japanese version? There are so many xbox exclusive games that aren't working with the v5829 compatibility hack from 2007, it's sad to see that nobody continued that project, in the meantime the price of the original Xbox console got much higher than the Xbox360 in my country hahaha