Offzip/Packzip UI
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    Offzip/Packzip UI

    Don't ask why I made it.. it makes my life easier and it might make it easier on yours.

    Couple things I should mention, the paths can't contain any spaces, ( )'s, { }'s or -'s and probably some more symbols. The offset can be used as hex like 0xEEFF or a normal digit.

    Games known to have Zlib'd data:

    Batman: Arkham Asylum
    Fable 2
    Far Cry 2
    Fear 2
    Halo Wars
    Mercenaries 2
    Red Faction: Guerrilla
    Sacred 2
    Splinter Cell Double Agent
    Two Worlds
    Fable 3
    If you know a game that uses Zlib, post it and maybe the rest of us can discover something :)

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    Sacred 2, Overlord, Two Worlds, Fable 3.

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    Re: Offzip/Packzip UI

    tks man very good

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    Re: Offzip/Packzip UI

    Thank you very much, now have when using it.

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    Re: Offzip/Packzip UI

    Bugger, crashes immediately upon execution.
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    Re: Offzip/Packzip UI

    Hello, Thank you very kindly for this tool/ UI. I, being the windows noob that I am, hate dealing with command prompt tools...

    Anyway, I'd like to add that Resident Evil 5 for the Ps3 uses zlib compression, and this tool works perfectly on the .arc (Capcom Archive files)...I have already created many mods for Re5 Gold using this tool. So I'd like to thank you once again.. ^_^

    Sorry if I've unintentionally bumped an old thread, but I saw that you didn't have Re5 in your "List of supported games".

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    Re: Offzip/Packzip UI

    not starting it crashes immediately upon execution
    i have vista 64 bit does someone know how to fix it

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    Re: Offzip/Packzip UI

    Thanks a lot you make my life


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