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black ops god/health dvars help?
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    black ops god/health dvars help?

    hi as anyone been able to get these dvars to work in black ops? cos i have trying to get these to work for some time now av tryd a few methods and ways but still die!!!! quickly instead of lasting long

    g_player_maxhealth 2000
    g_radiusDamageMax - 0
    player_damageMultiplier 0
    player_deathInvulnerableToMelee 1
    player_deathInvulnerableToProjectile 1
    player_meleeDamageMultiplier 0
    player_radiusDamageMultiplier 0
    player_deathInvulnerableTime - 9999

    there's these aswell i have tryd still die so not shore wat am doing wrong?.

    player_debugHealth 2000
    setmaxhealth 2000
    isgodmode 1
    Invulnerable - 1

    heres my save if it helps
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    Re: black ops god/health dvars help?

    Idk, I too want to unleash some godmode on those zombies...my son hates dying in video games. Anyway, the internets have been no helpas of yet, and I'm pretty good at internetting. I'm going to start opening shit in a hex editor and see what I can see. If I'm successful, I'll let you know; if you never hear from me again about this, then I suck at life and don't know numbers.
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