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Nintendo is collaborating with Third Party Developers
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    Nintendo is collaborating with Third Party Developers

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    Satoru Iwata has told shareholders that the company is working extremely hard to get third party developers onboard with Wii U and 3DS. Both platforms will apparently “have much more software and a wider variety of software” than the Wii and the DS. Iwata also stated that Nintendo is teaming up to collaborate with a number of third party development studios, but he wouldn’t announce any specific titles.

    “We think it very important to make several hits from the third-party software publishers within the first year from the release of the platform, while offering Nintendo software seamlessly. In order to achieve this goal, we have shared information about the new hardware with the software publishers earlier than we did previously and built a cooperative structure, and we are developing several titles in collaboration with these publishers.''

    ''I cannot talk in detail about the names of the titles, or with which publishers we are currently collaborating, because we have not announced this information yet, but what we are aiming for with the Nintendo 3DS and the Wii U is, platforms which have much more software and a wider variety of software than the former Nintendo DS or Wii. Therefore, we are thinking of creating an environment where software from other companies will become hits. Please understand that Nintendo is prepared to invest in order to make this a reality.”

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    Re: Nintendo is collaborating with Third Party Developers

    Nintendo's problem has always been 3rd party support; Or at least GOOD 3rd party support. The Wii had plenty, but it was mostly crapware. Short of counting the money Nintendo throws out on an idea (Virtual Boy, R.O.B., GC GBA player, etc.), I'm a little suprised they are prepared to invest. They might see more 3rd party support if they were willing to rewrite the terrible contracts they offer 3rd parties. And how kind Nintendo to give the 3rd party developers, which will more than likely carry the console, information about the console they're developing for. Granted no one wants their ideas or tech to leak, but leaving your support in the dark is not a good idea. Maybe after 10 years (that is ever since the GC) Nintendo is realizing the error of their ways.

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    Re: Nintendo is collaborating with Third Party Developers

    well they atleast got darksiders 2 maybe they can actually get a decent call of duty maybe even battlefield this time one can only hope

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    Re: Nintendo is collaborating with Third Party Developers

    After everything I've read about the WiiU, Crytek and Valve are enough to secure the greatness of the FPS genre on the WiiU (in my opinion). Even if it is a port, you know they'll get CoD. I'm just glad theres "more" of a controller this time (pun kinda intended, lol). I know I couldn't play FPS on Wii with the WiiMote. If was a port or a traditional style game, rest assured I was using a Cube Controller on Wii. Getting IPs like Darksiders shows that Nintendo is willing to realize that there are adult gamers and we DO NOT want cute cuddly crap. I WANT BLOOD AND GUTS, lol. Although that last sentence has me thinking; What if like MK on SNES, they make devs cut out the blood. I didn't play CoD3 for Wii, so I don't know if it had blood or not.
    That being said I am definitely looking forward to WiiU and all it has to bring.



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