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    Re: Dragon Age Inquisition Modding

    Quote Originally Posted by Sunblaze View Post
    I wouldn't say that. I understand that Jappi has done a ton of work in the beginning, can't really see that going to waste. If he doesn't finish it someone else can take it up. (someone with considerable more knowledge than I have atm) have patience, real life events happen too.
    It's the amount of effort he is willing to put in a game that has been out for quite some time now. He will most likely focus on the more recently released games.

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    Re: Dragon Age Inquisition Modding

    Any way Jappi or anyone else who might be working on one to give us any info?

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    Re: Dragon Age Inquisition Modding

    Personally, I'm still holding out hope that Jappi will get this completed.

    I quit playing Inquisition after my first playthrough because they patched the glitches that made the game tolerable... and largely because I knew this was being worked on, so I wanted to wait for this to be finished before I tried to get the rest of the achievements in-game.

    And I intend to keep waiting.

    I figure it has to get done eventually... surely?
    I mean the 360 generation is all but ended now, and I don't know how moddable the XBone games are... so that might free up the opportunity to get back to this, right?

    Seriously. This has to happen or EA win. =(

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    Re: Dragon Age Inquisition Modding

    I honestly don't think this is going to happen.

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    Re: Dragon Age Inquisition Modding

    cool just hope its good

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    Re: Dragon Age Inquisition Modding

    Iv beaten the game 5 times and love it but I want to mod just for fun now

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    Re: Dragon Age Inquisition Modding

    So I guess there will be no editor for this game? Is the encryption that difficult to break? I have found the save function for the PS3 and X360 versions, I just don't know enough about encryption to do anything with it. The PC save editor works for the Xbox version of the game, it just needs a checksum fixer.


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