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Thread: pissed

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    so who else is pissed off that dying light isnt coming to 360

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    Re: pissed

    its a bummer really but your have to move on some when,older consoles just cant run the game, an there will be more
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    Re: pissed

    Yes and is one way to force you to buy next generation console
    But you can't play it on PC

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    Re: pissed

    looks like ill be buying a XB1 soon hahaha

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    Re: pissed

    its marketing, its meant to piss you off.. lol honestly tho i'm amazed its taken them this long to stop releasing games on 360 and ps3 "they truly are trying to milk these last gen consoles for everything their worth" but i suppose it had to end sometime, everyone knows deep down once those fresh new consoles hit shelves the clock starts ticking for those with previous one's, eventually forcing everyone to either drop another huge chunk of money for one of them or never have any new games to play till ya do, its a very mean and cruel business practice when you think about it but what can ya do?

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    Re: pissed

    time for you to get an xbox1!



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