Nintendo President Interested In Intellectually Stimulating Games

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Nintendos identifiable trademark is an aesthetic thats outwardly child-friendly and playful. This extends even to games such as Super Mario Galaxy 2, which may not be as easy to play for younger kids but still give off the sense of a childrens cartoon.

Beyond the fans of these games exist a set of players that would like to see Nintendo develop more games aimed specifically at an older audience. Judging by the companys recent shareholder meeting, at least one of Nintendos shareholders would like to see the same.

Speaking to Nintendo president, Satoru Iwata, the shareholder stated hed like Nintendo to develop games which adults can enjoy more.

Iwata provided an answer. There are two aspects of the suggestion there should be software which adults can enjoy further that I would like to touch on, he began. One is that even though such software titles already exist, we have failed to make them widely known.

And second, he continued, because games were originally entertainment mainly enjoyed by children or young men, even though we have been working hard to expand the age range and offer entertainment which can be enjoyed by a wide range of people, we still have more work to do.

If I understand your request correctly, you want Nintendo to develop games which fulfil peoples intellectual curiosity by combining culture and entertainment in a clever way, so I would like to consider it as a future challenge for us.