No Bioshock on the Wii U anytime soon then

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Hopes were raised when Nintendo showed a reel at E3 2011 with developers praising the Wii U and what it could do for gaming. One of those developers was the Ken Levine from Irrational Games, best known recently for his work on the Bioshock franchise and upcoming Bioshock Infinite. However in a new interview with IGN, Ken has thrown a bucket of cold water over hopes of Bioshock on Wii U saying that they (Irrational) have no plans right now for the Wii U.

Hes not down on the console at all and still stands by what hes said about the console in the past. Hes excited about the possibilities of the console and that having home console quality games in the bed would be great and there would be no compromise on games. He also praised the controller for having two analogue sticks.

While Irrational Games might not have anything on the horizon for now were sure 2K Games, their publisher, might want something on the console at some point in the future.

Ken Levine: Just to be clear, there are no plans. Im not saying it cant happen, but we have no plans to do any games for that platform. There are things about it that, as a core gamer, really appeal to me, that have nothing to do with Fruit Ninja. I have nothing against Fruit Ninja, I respect all kinds of games, I love all kinds of games, there are just certain kinds of things that are more suited to my taste. There are some things, as a core gamer, as a guy who likes lying in bed playing Ive always had to sacrifice that core gaming experience when I lie in bed playing games. Were now getting to a place with Vita and what Nintendos doing where thats not necessarily going to be the case, where you can play full-on hardcore games in bed with the lights out while your wifes asleep. I like that a lot. That means a lot to me. On the airplane? That means a lot to me as a core gamer, that youve got two sticks. Thats so important to me. The fact that the Wii U has got two sticks I feel its like Its a great year for the core coming back and saying, okay, have your touch screens, have your motion control, well try to make that work, and if you can pull that off itll be really good. But I want to have my cake and eat it too. I think these experiences are starting to allow that to happen. I love my iPad, but I mostly work on it, I dont play a lot of games on it, because Im not into that style or form factor, that three-minute experience.