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any good pc games ?
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    any good pc games ?

    Can you guys recommend me any good hack and slash type of games

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    Re: any good pc games ?

    Wondering, if Star Wars Jedi Knight series are hack&slash?
    I thing it is. In some way. Best combat system ever.

    Well, need to consider, that it is even more better with special mode. And also.. this game is kinda old, tho.
    But, as I said, it is the best Combat System Ever made.

    Moviebattles 2. Look it up, if interested. I bet you'll like it.

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    Re: any good pc games ?

    I've played all games from Jedi Knight series. will definately check out moviebattles 2

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    Re: any good pc games ?

    Pure hack and slash? Like a gore grind type, just mindless killing, or something with a good story line with it? For the story line, I liked Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor. There is an Indie game out called How To Survive that is pretty decent for just mindless clobbering. Hope this helps.

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    Re: any good pc games ?

    The new Witcher is pretty awsome!

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    Re: any good pc games ?

    I am not gonna say Neverwinter because once you start playing it, you can't stop playing the damn game !! It's too addictive and free to play lol.
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    Re: any good pc games ?

    Witcher series are amazing

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    Re: any good pc games ?

    Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen, Dark Souls 3 and final fantasy games xD


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