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amd talks about the future of xbox
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    amd talks about the future of xbox

    In terms of plot, James Cameronís Avatar was basically Pocahontas in space. However, no one can deny that, technically, the movie was a triumph of new graphics technology. If we can believe AMD, we will soon be able to render scenes of the scope and scale of James Cameronís Avatar right in our own living room while shooting people in the head over Xbox Live.

    AMD is the tech company responsible for the Xbox 360ís graphics, and while they wonít confirm that they are working on the next Microsoft console, they certainly have no problem talking about what the console is capable of. Recently, they said that the next Xbox will be able to render graphics on par with Avatar in real time, 3D and everything. AMD said that the console will have graphics of this level available at launch, so who knows what leaps and bounds we could make in graphics technology over the lifespan of the new console.

    AMD also said that the processing power, coupled with developments in A.I., will allow every pedestrian in a Grand Theft Auto game to have their own distinct and unique personality. Thatís just what everyone wants: individual personal reactions to being run over by a tank in glorious HD

    found at cheatcc.com

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    Re: amd talks about the future of xbox

    That sucks I wish intel was running the show for xbox, get AMD and Foxconn crap out of our xboxes

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    Re: amd talks about the future of xbox

    Well, if you notice, AMD and intel seem to go back and forth in releasing crap. for the longest time, I would use nothing except AMD processors and ATI video cards for the systems that I built because Nvidia and Intel couldn't get their collective heads out of their butts and put out a product that was worth a crap. Then things shifted and Intel / Nvidia became top dogs in their fields and ATI / AMD started slipping. So... I guess we wait and see if AMD can continue with the things that it does for xbox / microsoft, or if they will screw it up and Microsoft will jump ship and burn over to Nvidia, or Intel.



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