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    Re: Gears of War Online Editor v2.5

    Im sure you've been asked this alot but.. Do you have an online editor for 3? Someone told me there is one but you have to pay for it, So i never looked into it any further.
    Quote Originally Posted by Philymaster View Post
    Gears of War - Online Editor

    - You can unlock all online achievements.

    How to use:

    1.) Extract the profile.
    2.) Extract the Gears of War GPD (4D5307D5).
    3.) Use editor to open the GPD.
    4.) Replace the GPD in your profile.
    5.) Use Horizon to Rehash & Resign and copy the profile to device.
    6.) Start Gears of War and make the follow things.


    If you start the game you have to make these things to get the achievements.

    Play a ranked match (Lose or Win):
    - Unlocks: All Kill Achievements, Revived Mates.
    Play a ranked match (Win):
    - Unlocks: Mix It Up, Around The World.
    Play a ranked match (Win ... to 0):
    - Unlocks: Can't Touch Me.
    DLC Achievements:
    - Just make what the achievements says.


    Q: Will i become banned?
    A: I guess no. I have used this method two years ago and I didn't recieve a ban.

    Q: The File can't open. What can i do?
    A: Make sure you have played a ranked match, before you use the editor.

    Q: Will the game save the stats to the leaderboard?
    A: No. The stats in the profile are only for the achievements, they affect the leaderboards in no wise.



    Please report all bugs.
    Have fun.
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    Re: Gears of War Online Editor

    is there a tool where u can max ammo like gears 2 and 3

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    Re: Gears of War Online Editor

    great work
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    Re: Gears of War Online Editor

    Quote Originally Posted by klo View Post
    is there a tool where u can max ammo like gears 2 and 3
    Singleplayer right? If so these programs do, Horizon, 360 Revolution and Xbox 360 Tools Infinity

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    Re: Gears of War Online Editor

    thx im start a games ^^

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    Re: Gears of War Online Editor v2.5

    I just want you to know, you are a golden shiny god. I almost cried when i saw this gift you bestowed upon us mere mortals. Now I may finally obtain 100% completion on this game.
    All praise be to you.

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    Re: Gears of War Online Editor v2.5

    Awesome work!

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    Re: Gears of War Online Editor v2.5

    nice work on the editor Philymaster
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