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Certain Affinity is currently discussing Crimson Alliance pricing options with Microsoft to offer more flexibility when the game arrives on September 7.
An ad for the Summer of Arcade on the Xbox dashboard states that those who purchase all five games in the promotion will receive "Crimson Alliance and all three characters as a gift." The line is oddly specific, separating the game from the characters, so we followed up with Certain Affinity.

"When Crimson Alliance launches, the full game -- all the content and characters -- will be priced at 1200 points," the rep told Joystiq. "We've discussed other pricing options with Microsoft that gives players more flexibility. We expect that to be finalized and a formal announcement closer to launch."

Crimson Alliance was a standout XBLA title at E3, where the developers alluded that the game might not follow the standard pricing model. With the "full game" costing 1200 MSP ($15), which is the standard price for most original XBLA titles now, it'll be interesting to see what alternatives are provided to those not seeking full membership in Crimson Alliance.