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    Name: Armored Core 4
    Title ID: 465307D6
    Media ID: 63C015CC
    XeX CRC: 24FE0CB1
    Region: NTSC/U
    Wave: 2nd
    TU: 0/1

    Cheats Required:

    -Inf. or max AP. (recistance of the armor = life)
    -inf or max EN ( energy used / consumed on trhust or warpons)
    -inf or max KE (Kojima energy) used like energy shield or for some weapons and OB Boost
    -inf / max load weight limit . (can carry hevy weapons or parts whitout overload)
    -inf / maxout Ammo or time uses (some wapons use energy but has a limited number of uses)
    -inf / max money
    -inf / max FRS memory

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