Hello @all
here i will show you how to use the DS SE by JizzaBeez for PS3.

We need:
- Darksiders SE by JizzaBeez

First give a thanks to JizzaBeez for his nice SE.
The is writen for Xbox360 User's. But you can also use it for you PS3 save.
I will show you how to use it.

Step 1:
Download BSD from google or anywhere.
Download Darksiders SE by JizzaBeez.
Copy your DS Save from your PS3 to your PC via USB.

Step 2:
Open BSD and Load your DS Save.
Decrypt your DS save(Click on Decrypt Full Save (Window will popup and ask you if you would realy decrypt all fieles click yes)).
Click image for larger version. 

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Double Click on DSSAVE ( A window will open with 2 files we need "00000035.dat".
Click image for larger version. 

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Right Click on the File and Select "Open Location".
Transfer the file to Desktop or anywhere else.
Rename the "00000035.dat" file to "0000d035.dat".

Step 3:
Open the SE by JizzaBeez.
Select "File" and Click on "Open"
Now go to Desktop(or where you transfer the file) and select the "0000d035.dat" file.
Now you can apply your Cheats.

After you all Cheats Apply Close the SE.
It will Automatic Save the Cheats

Step 4:
Rename again the "0000d035.dat" (Moded File) to "00000035.dat".
Replace now the moded "00000035.dat" in the "~extracted" Folder of BSD.
Now you can close the window with the 2 Files.
A window will coming and ask you if you would re-compress the Files.
Click yes and make Settings "-w 15".
Click on OK
Entrypt All Files.

Step 5:
Transfer your Save from PC to your PS3.
Now you will see all work.

If you have Problems or something else feel free to ask.

I have test it. It work's hope this will help you with some Tropy's