ok so i have an xbox 360 slim and the internal cooling fan on my xbox 360 went caput so my mate rigged me an external cooling fan solution that plugs into the wall socket and has an on off switch before i use my xbox i want ot know if this will keep it cool enough for me to play games on it?

i should also mention this is just a temp solution as i am in the process of buying an RGH 360 but it wont be here for a few weeks as i cant buy it till next week so here is a link to the fan my mate bought off amazon for me to use on my 360 slim


so we took the screws out of the fan and mounted it to the top of the 360 slim grill as an out take exaust fan, we did ad about an inch of hight to allow for proper air movement. my question is will this keep my xbox cool until the new RGH xbox i ordered arrives in 3 weeks? also would putting the fan inside a small case made out of elmers foam core posterboard then sitting the case/fan on top of the exaust port keep it cooler then just sitting the fan on the xbox with no case? if u need more info let me know

reason as to why i dont replace the internal cooling fan is i dont have the tools or the knowledge plus i have another 360 slim on the way

edit keep in mind this is only a temp solution till my new xbox arrives