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HOME Key - Trainer Activation HotKey!

activate keys
F1 - Infinite HP
- keeps you alive and well.

F2 - Infinite Fury
~ Your fury will instantly fill up and stay there til the option is disabled.

F3 - Ammo/No Reload
~ You got ammo for your guns.

F4 - Set Custom Scraps amount
- Allows you to set a custom amount of scraps

F5 - Refill Water
~ Allows you to refill your players water canister

F6 - Refill Fuel
- Allows you to refill your current wehicles fuel

F7 - Infinite Wehicle Health
~ Keeps your wehicle intact and safe

F8 - Infinite Wehicle Nitro/Booster
- Your wehicles nitro wont run out.

F9 - Set Custom Time - Barrel bash

- Sets a custom time for barrel bash race event.

F10 - Set Custom Time - Scatter Run
- Sets a custom time for scatter run event.

F11 - Set Custom Time - Time Bomb

- sets a custom time for time bomb event.

Numpad 1 - Set 99 Thunderpoons

- While in your wehicle, while having the thunderpoons selected, press this and you will have 99 thunderpoons.

Numpad 2 - Instant Reload

- While using the thunderpoons, the reloading will almost instantly.

Note: does not work for deathrun Opus since its a online ranking game challenge event.

End Key - No Camp Alert
~ Camp alert wont go Up

Page Up - Speed Up
- Speeds up things

Page Down - Bullet Time /Slowmotion
~ Slows Down Things/time

Number 0 - Store Location
Number 2 - Teleport
Number 3 - Undo Teleportation

credits LinGon