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Save files locked on Unknown Profile?
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    Startle Save files locked on Unknown Profile?

    Hi, so. Long story short, I switched xbox 360 with a friend, mine was an old used one that had been blocked from the internet, I kept the hard drive thinking it would let me keep my save files. I couldn't access the profiles and had no idea what was wrong. I was told to delete the old profiles and make a new one in the same name and it would solve my problem. BIG MISTAKE.
    The files are now lost on an unknown profile and I can't access them. (The old profile was an offline one)

    Is there a way to reach them? I don't care of its legal or not, through a mod or whatever, I really just hope there's a way to get the old save files :(
    Someone mentioned using Horizon but since I can't log into the profile I can't save them on a USB drive, far as I know?

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    Re: Save files locked on Unknown Profile?

    thats an easy fix. just call up xbox live support and tell them that you have forgotten your old profile. they will ask you what the gamertag is and just make sure you tell them what it is and spell it to them correctly for example make sure if you have caps the tell them its in caps or lower case letters and vice versa. they will tell you what it is once they find and so forth

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    Re: Save files locked on Unknown Profile?

    xbox360 hard drives can be accessed using the official transfer cable or by opening their casing and extracting the sata drive within, you can then use a progrm like party buffalo (horizon might also support it) to extract your saves from the now defunct account.
    Then it's simply a matter of resigning them all to your new profile by changing the IDs, horizon will assist in this no problem, it's not hard at all.
    I did this trick backwards once and injected my old profile id into my new instead of resigning all my saves, mostly because the old had become incredibly unstable and I couldn't access live to have it reconstructed, not even they repair profiles.
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