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Assistance has arrived! (For ME 1-3, DS 1 and 2 and Metro Last Light)
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    Assistance has arrived! (For ME 1-3, DS 1 and 2 and Metro Last Light)

    Hello, I have gone to great lengths to find as much out about these games as possible, so if anyone has any questions about these games regarding
    items, equipment locations, or the occasional secret. (Which I will PM to people to avoid spoiling it for others who wish to find them on their own)

    I am usually on here and can answer most questions you ask me, as well as give recommendations on classes and equipment in DS 1 and 2.

    I will sometimes not be on for long periods of time due to school, work and general life issues that arise, but it will usually be for no longer
    Than a month at max.

    Just a starter, in Portal 2 co-op, there is a lightbridge challenge which has a large room with a seemingly impossible to get to room on the other
    side. you have to get one player to open a portal with the lightbridge and open the other up high. the other play must place his portals on the
    sloped ramp on the other side of the room, and the small white square below the high up portal directed lightbridge. both players have to get up
    on the lightbridge through the portal, then it requires precise timing, the lightbridge player must put the portals to copy the other players ones.
    if done correctly, both players should hit each other above the metal balconey, and land on it instead of falling into the eternal pit beneath them.

    From memory, it was stage 7 of the light bridge section.
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