But what about after that

Dead Rising 4 will be exclusive to Xbox One and Windows 10, but only for a year.

Developer Capcom Vancouver tweeted "You'll be able to play it first on Xbox One and Windows 10."

Journalist Ryan Brown offered further clarification on Twitter where he stated "Capcom rep says that Dead Rising 4 is a 1-year timed exclusive for MS."

This comes as a surprise, since Dead Rising 3 remained exclusive to Xbox One and PC. Comparatively, the first Dead Rising received a Wii port, while the second was released on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

Set in Willamette, Colorado, Dead Rising 4 returns to the original game's protagonist Frank West, a photo journalist with a penchant for zombie slaying. You can now take selfies of Frank showing off his crazy holiday among the dead.

Dead Rising 4 is due out for Xbox One and PC this holiday.

For more on Dead Rising 4, here's 14 minutes of our Wesley Yin-Poole playing it: