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Fruit Ninja Kinect is only a week away, but Microsoft is keen to assure motion-lovers that more Kinect-fueled Xbox Live Arcade games are on the way.
Speaking to CVG, Microsoft product marketing manager for the EMEA region, Robin Burrowes, stated that the company plans to release more Kinect XBLA titles in the near future. Specifically, we should expect new Kinect XBLA games to the tune of "about one a month." Burrowes also said that future Kinect titles will do a better job of leveraging Xbox Live.

August is covered, thanks to Fruit Ninja. Let's see where that leaves the rest of the year. Hole in the Wall is expected "this summer," which could mean September. Burnout Crash is coming this fall, and nothing says "fall" like October. Kung Fu High Impact? That's a lock for November. That just leaves December and, hey, what better way to while away the hours of the holidays than by building a world or two in Minecraft?