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Daggerdale Glitch
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    Daggerdale Glitch

    While playing DaggerDale i paused the game and left it paused until the controller turned off when i turned it back on to resune play all the enemies were frozen. New enemies would spawn but they wouldnt move easy kills. It lasted until i reached the next section so at the next section I paused the game and took the battery out frozen again. Pausing the game would restart their movement I checked the internet and found nothing so is it just me. Can someone test it and let me know.

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    Re: Daggerdale Glitch

    this isnt new but it is the best way to fight a large group of enemies when you play with out mods ....check you tube you will find it

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    Re: Daggerdale Glitch

    thanks alot just started playing so wasnt sure



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