The latest Snatcher-related project from Hideo Kojima might not be the game that fans have been asking for, but at least they won't have to pay for it. Kojima revealed through Twitter that the Sdatcher radio drama which he is making with Goichi Suda (Suda 51) will be available for free.

Sdatcher still doesn't have a final release date, but production is reportedly advancing at a steady pace. Kojima has also Tweeted that he is very satisfied with the 70s progressive rock and 80s electro pop soundtrack that he asked Akira Yamaoka to make but expressed misgivings about whether or not it will be well received by the masses.

The project is decidedly non-profit, but since Kojima and company will still need to pay the voice staff which consists of many people who worked on the Metal Gear games, the Sdatcher team plans to release the radio drama as a CD after it becomes available as a free download.

That's pretty good news for non-Japanese speaking fans since the free release makes a fan translation more possible. It also gives those who don't have access to Kojima's radio show a chance to at least hear whatever mindbending WTF-ery Kojima and Suda 51 have been cooking up.