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The most striking moment of the thoroughly striking E3 demo for BioShock Infinite was, undoubtedly, the moment in which Elizabeth momentarily loses control of her powers, opening a rift to a more modern world than that of the floating city of Columbia.
It was surprising, effective, and it almost didn't happen. In an interview with Gamasutra, Ken Levine explained, "It was supposed to be to this primeval forest kind of thing, and it just wasn't striking or different enough ... but we had assets from a game we abandoned."

Levine added that the development team "made a bunch of changes to really sell it, but we had all those assets just sitting around from a game we never shipped."

Well, great. Now we're going to spend the day trying to guess what that canceled game was. Maybe The Lost? Maybe it's something secret, like Freedom Force: Rise of the Multiplex Menace.