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It looks like our own reviewer wasn't alone in thinking the boss fights in Deus Ex: Human Revolution stood out like a sore thumb from the rest of the subtler gameplay.
Nukezilla has compiled clips of commentary about the game from around the web so far, and the opinion is almost universal: The title's boss fights are unnecessary and badly designed.

We say almost, in this case, because the main voice of dissent belongs to Ars Technica's Ben Kuchera, who argues that the game is simply pointing out that sometimes, violence really is necessary. Yes, most of the game lets you move along without combat, but the boss fights, in all of their stupid fury, are meant to show that in a game loaded with choices, sometimes you just don't have one.

Seeing as the game just came out, y'know, today, most of us haven't been able to form our own opinions just yet. But Nukezilla's compilation at least raises a good question, and that's if the boss fights in Deus Ex: Human Revolution really belong there, or if they're there just because boss fights are what video games do.