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Quantum Conundrum, a new first-person puzzle game in which you gracefully shift between different dimensions and alter the physical properties of the environment, was inspired when the designer took a "stroll to the local bakery."
Apparently, Kim Swift has not only moved from Valve to Airtight Games, but from America to Amsterdam. What exactly are they baking in there?

Due to launch on Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network and Steam in 2012, Quantum Conundrum sees you exploring the enormous manor (and eccentric manner) of your uncle, Professor Fitz Quadwrangle. Using an "interdimensional shift device," you can activate different dimensions that influence the house in unusual ways. One flips the gravity, another envelopes the world in a bubble of slow-motion (perfect for tossing items to yourself), and another renders heavy, serious safes as lightweight plush toys. That would be the "fluffy dimension," according to Gamespot's preview.

Give that a look (there's a video too!) and learn how dimensional hopping helps you solve Quantum Conundrum.