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01Net is continuing its Nintendo related rumours but this time they’re stating that the Kyoto based company is effectively stealing ideas from external sources and marketing them off as their own. Pretty powerful accusations…

The concept of Pikmin, for example, was borrowed directly from an unpublished RTS (real-time simulation game) proposed by a creators years before the game’s release. Thus, the official story (Miyamoto got the idea for Pikmin by observing animal life in his garden) is just a clever narrative, fabricated for marketing purposes. Mario Galaxy is another example. According to our source, three totally different versions/concepts had been proposed for what was then called “Mario 128”, but none of them made the cut. Nintendo then set its views on a promising prototype it had bought from an external source some time ago, added Mario and its friends, tweaked a thing or two, and… Here was Mario Galaxy!

According to our source, Nintendo is in possession of a gigantic treasure trove unlike any other, so far largely unexploited. This unique policy of colossal investments into game prototypes and game design concepts has to be fully put to use.